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Smart VIVA™ HYBRID + PORTAL VIS Lite Bench with Solar Energy from photovoltaic panel, Intelligent IOT ready, recycled plastic seat and back 2.1 mt, WIRELESS and USB charging, LED light

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Panchina VIVA smart misure Panchina VIVA smart con modulo fotovoltaico e ricarica wireless illuminazione LED
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VIVA™ Smart HYBRID urban street bench with PORTAL VIS Lite version ,  built as follows:

• N° 2  30/10 thick, trapezoidal printed metal side supports;
• The seat and the back rest are made from 120 x 40 mm, milled STRONGPLAST (recycled plastic) boards, internally reinforced with 15 x 15 mm steel bars. The boards are bolted to the seat and back rest supports;
• Equipped with USB sockets for charging devices up to 2A and wireless charger built into the structure;
• Backlight panel and led dimmable light ;
• Charging module with photovoltaic panel and batteries are directly incorportated into the bench structure.
• 4G LTE Internet connection.
• Custom accesso point , WIFI integration wit PORTAL custom USER and PAGE
• Sensor ( see carateristics ) 
• Super bright display UP 1000 nits integrated with VIS digital signage cloud portal.

Surface Protection : 
see details on the protection of materials. Vedi specifiche sulla protezione dei materiali..

The trapezoidal legs of the bench are prepared for M10 steel bolt anchoring.

The new VIVA  bench was created to 
modernize today’s cities with innovative technologies in the context of control and use of specific functionalities aimed at satisfying the modern needs of citizens.
Thanks to its innumerous technological functions it becomes not only a resting place but also a meeting point, where it is possible to conceive a new way of living the city.

We can recharge our smart devices thanks to the side USB sockets, connect to wifi,  get real-time information on traffic, smog, weather conditions, etc... communicating has never been so easy !

Through cloud connection, the VIVA software manages the network of workstations remotely on any device at any time.
Check your workstations network and verify monitoring information sent.
Easily and effeciently manage all your smart workstations in real time, even in multi-user mode.Environmental information control

Forms and contents
The magic happens thanks to the modules, the heart of the VIVA system ; they allow you to show the contents where you want it.

Total Control :  Access via WIFI interface for displaying real time data and control.
Audio Feed RSS :  Audio content transmitted through the system (optional). 
InfoSensor :  Information from sensors such as temperature, humidity. Motion and air quality (optional). 
Alarm :  Realtime alarms in the presence of vandalism and or tampering.
Geoloc :  Geolocation of the product (optional). 
VivaPortal :  Customized user information portal connected via WIFI (portal version). 
VivaConnect :  Internet access via secure data recording with captive portal system (portal version). 
Web Services/Api :  Allows dynamic interfacing with SOAP or REST services (optional). 
Backup supply Voltage : 230V AC.
Photovoltaic modules : Monocrystalline 60W power.
Battery pack : Type AGM / Capacity: 0.36 kWh 0.72 kWh for portal version.
USB charging : 2 ports Power 5W (1A) and 2,2W.
Wireless charging : Power 10W / Efficiency up to 80%.
Internet technology : 4G LTE / Speed up to 150Mbps.
Ambient light Color : white, red , blue (optional only on portal version).
Led light : backlight panel and led dimmable light.
Cooling system : Air cooling / Number of fans : 2 Air flow : 170 m3/h , temperature trigger : 38°C.
InfoSensor : Information from sensors such as temperature, humidity ambiental and system , energy production and consumption , inter user consumption , battery status , rain sensor and meto system data ( portal versino )  to prevent using during a long period withouth sun ,  Motion and air quality (optional).
Custom made module according to customer's needs.
A team of experts is always ready to create the proper system integration for different necessities. 

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