Technical information

  • Height
  • 230 cm
  • Larghezza
  • 20 cm
  • Assembly
  • Tassell.
  • Alimentazione
  • Fotovoltaico
  • Material
  • Acciaio
  • Accessories
  • USB, LED
  • Colour
  • Nero
Art. 311801

Urban mobility Station - Charging station for electric scooters powered by photovoltaic panels with USB sockets and LED lighting

Powered by photovoltaic panels with USB sockets for charging Smartphone and LED for daylight.
The charging station is composed of:
Load-bearing steel column shaped to form a 2-meter high cylinder, topped with 4 steel columns that support a box containing LED module for night light;
Four photovoltaic panels and batteries embedded in the structure itself, covered by Plexiglass shielding that feed the entire structure;
Two 42V 1.7 A sockets for charging scooters and E-bikes;
Two USB sockets for charging devices up to 2 A covered and protected from the weather by means of a Plexiglas protective disc with explanatory printing;
Square plate for ground fixing.
The new charging station was created to modernize today's cities with innovative technologies in the field of control and use of specific features aimed at satisfying the modern needs of citizens.
Through the charging station for scooters it will be possible to recharge up to 2 scooters or e-bikes. The station also has two USB sockets for charging Smartphone.
At night, the charging station has LED lighting powered in turn by a photovoltaic panel.
Ample room for customization for the customer.
The transversal skills of our team, the knowledge of materials and processing technologies allow us to face any custom project.
Via the cloud connection, the VIVA PORTAL software manages the network of workstations remotely on any device at any time.
Control and verification of the system from a single location.
Manage all your workstations in real time in a simple and efficient way even in multi users.
Check your network of stations and check the tracking information sent.
Battery charger monitoring, device charger, weather info, environmental info.
Possibility of additional module to make Internet browsing available through captive portal.
Surface protection: See specifications on material protection.
Assembly: See assembly specifications.

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