Technical information

Art. 351052

Urban Digital Signage Clock with an 86'' display and steel and cast iron ornaments, LFD high brightness monitor controlled by cloud system.

Street clock with integrated LED display for digital signage.
Supporting poles consisting of:
Smooth circular classic artistic pole is steel wirh cast iron base.
Diameter 89 mm.
Height 1500 mm.
Classic artistic clock with Roman numbers and housing for LED screen made of cast iron and steel, consisting of:
–Artistic clock with a 640mm diameter, equipped with an opening system for changing the battery;
–Hands in style with a Roman numbers print;
–The top is adorned in the shape of a pine cone;
–At the base of the clock there are two classic volutes with floral designs decorations;
–Below the clock there is a built-in place for an 86'' LED screen:
–Adorned with cast iron or aluminium elements made in a single cast.
Overall size:
Height 2900 mm;
Width 2600 mm.
Urban digital smart clock works with proprietary VIS software, which maneges the network of workstations remotely on any device any time.
Through this software you can:
–Upload both local and internet videos, images and animations;
Wide room for customer customization.
The trasversal skills of our team, the knowledge of materials and of the processing technologies allow us to face any custom project.
Through the cloud connection, the VIS software maneges the network of workstations remotely on any device at any time.
Monitor the content scheduling from a single location.
Manage all your workstations in real time in a simple and afficient way even with multi users.
Check your network of stations and check the tracking information sent.
The characteristics of the modules and contents
The magic happens thanks to the modules, the beating heart of the VIS system.
The modules allow you to show the content you want where you want it.
Smart Slider: Upload both local and internet videos, images and animations
Push Contents: Send realtime on-demand editorial contents to the monitors.
Ext view: displays on the monitor statistical data read from third party systems.
Weather: dysplays on the monitor the forecast weather.
RSS Feed: Displays on the monitor the latest news from your favourite feed.
Web Services/API: allows you to dynamically interface with SOAP or REST services and view the data/content on the display.
Webcast: Switches the digital signage system into a powerful instrument for broadcasting realtime webcast.
Chance to create the perfect module for the user's needs.
We provide a team of experts who can create the right integration with the system and the different needs.
Painted in anthracite black or other RAL color on request (see painting specifications).
Surface protection: See material protection specifications.

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