Technical information


  • Sitting
  • 45 cm
  • Colour
  • Marrone
  • back
  • Si
  • Length
  • 150 cm
  • Weight
  • 60 kg
  • Material
  • Height
  • 83 cm
  • Larghezza
  • 57 cm
Art. 8001

Strongplast Post-consumer recycled plastic Bench 1,5 metres

Strongplast bench suitable for open areas, parks, gardens or even under gazebos.
Ideal for the garden but also for use in equipped playgound areas thanks to its strengh and durabilily.
Available in the versions: STANDARD, WITHOUT BACKREST, BABY, ECONOMY and MAXI.
STRONGPLAST - Plasmix is a mixture of recycled plastics that makes the product 100% recycable.
It is maintenance free, has durable colouring, is resistant to all adverse weather conditions and also flame resistant.

* The colors of the materials, including those in the photos and in the technical documents, are purely indicative and depend on availability at the time of production.

1500mm x 570 x 830h (Standard version)

Art. Back Sitting Weight Material Length Colour
Panca Baby in STRONGPLAST - Plastica riciclata post consumo
8001.B Strongplast Post-consumer recycled plastic Baby Bench
Si 32 cm 35 kg STRONGPLAST 120 cm
Panca Economy in STRONGPLAST - plastica riciclata post consumo
8001.E Strongplast Post-consumer recycled plastic Economy Bench
Si 45 cm 18 kg STRONGPLAST 150 cm
Panca senza schienale in STRONGPLAST - plastica riciclata post consumo
8001.SS Strongplast Post-consumer recycled plastic No Backrest Bench
No 45 cm 25 kg STRONGPLAST 150 cm
Panca in STRONGPLAST - plastica riciclata post consumo - seduta colore Verde 1,5 metri
8001.V Strongplast Post-consumer recycled plastic Green Seat Bench 1,5 metres
Si 45 cm 60 kg STRONGPLAST 150 cm Verde e Marrone

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