Combi FUN built in STRONGPLAST

Cod. 7059

Combined structure built in STRONGPLAST compliant with European Standards EN1176 corresponding 100% to the minimum environmental criteria CAM. SRONGPLAST is a material entirely made using a mixture of recycled plastics deriving from the transfer of waste without adding any virgin or recyclable polymer.
The structure consists of two blocks connected together: a tower with a slide and a roofless tower with a mini climber.
The slide tower is made with N ° 4 reinforced STRONGPLAST poles with a square section 80x80 mm, height 3000 mm, of which 200 mm fixed in the ground for anchoring, arranged to form a 1000x1000 mm square. At a height of 1150 mm from the ground, we find N ° 4 elements in reinforced STRONGPLAST of section 80x80 mm and length 840 mm, fixed on the four reinforced poles supporting the main structure.
At a height of 2700 mm from the ground, then on the top of the load-bearing poles of the structure, the double-pitched roofs are also fixed, also entirely made of STRONGPLAST. Load-bearing structure consisting of 6 square section elements 50x50 mm in length and 610 mm long arranged at 45 ° inclination, three mirrored elements on each side, thus forming N ° 3 triangular support substructures. This support structure is fixed to the load-bearing posts of the turret by means of N ° 4 bolts, one per pole, covered by mass-colored nylon nut covers, to ensure greater safety. On the support structure is arranged the roof formed by N ° 18 profiles with section 100x20 mm, N ° 9 for each pitch, slightly superimposed on each other on the long side, until reaching the top of the roof which is closed by a special special section element 30x50mm, shaped at the bottom, which connects the two flaps.
On the two adjacent sides of the tower there are N ° 2 railings in STRONGPLAST, each consisting of N ° 4 rectangular section profiles 30x50 mm arranged so as to obtain a perimeter frame to which they are attached, by inserting immersed stainless steel screws in the material, other N ° 7 profiles of the same section, at a center distance of 105 mm from each other which form the railing of the parapet 830 mm high overall, allowing to look out from the turret, avoiding the danger of ruinous falls.
For the installation of the chute, a special railing made of STRONGPLAST is required, built with 2 square section poles of size 80x80 mm and height 900 mm, held together by a steel tube tub 32 mm and length 520 mm, positioned at a height of 800 mm and bolted to the two poles with N ° 2 bolts. The bolts are covered by mass-colored nylon nut covers to ensure greater safety. The structure thus obtained is completed by 4 STRONGPLAST cubes with dimensions 80x80x100h mm, with the function of spacers, applied on the external sides of the structure's poles giving a total size of 840 mm. The internal measurement between the two poles of the structure is 540 mm so as to be able to precisely accommodate the departure of the slide.
The slide is completely made of high density rotational molding polyethylene, with mass coloring stabilized by UV rays. and 100% recyclable. The starting height of the slide is 1000 mm while it develops 2000 mm in length and 520 mm in width. The chute is already prepared for assembly by means of 4 M8 threaded bars to be hooked directly to the STRONGPLAST railing. Furthermore, the chute can be fixed to the ground by means of M10 threaded bars.
Next to the slide tower is the roofless tower, which has a load-bearing structure equal to the previous one, but with a slightly lower walking surface and without a roof covering.
The tower has a standard parapet as described above and an adjacent one built in the same way but with a height of 460 mm, which is smaller to allow the ascent to the tower from the gym part.
The walking surface is at a height of 1100 mm and from this it is possible to reach the highest floor. The low floor can be reached both through two STRONGPLAST crosspieces at a height of 350 and 700 mm respectively from the ground anchored by inserting stainless steel screws immersed in the material, and by means of the climbing ascent. The latter is in fact the access route to the combined structure.
The mini climbing climb consists of 5 reinforced STRONGPLAST poles with a section of 80x80 mm, of which 4 are coupled two by two through stainless steel screws immersed in the structure, inclined at 45 ° with respect to the ground, which form the two lateral strings of the inclined plane and N ° 1 single pole which is positioned centrally, with the same inclination at 45 °, to ensure greater sealing of the overlying plane. On these two lateral leg loops and on the central reinforcement element therefore, 10 strings with STRONGPLAST with rectangular section 145x30x1000 mm are fixed by means of stainless steel screws immersed in the structure thus forming the main inclined plane of the climbing wall. To facilitate the climbing, on the inclined wall, 15 support points are fixed, made of irregularly shaped plugs, made with a mixture of polyurethane resin poured into special molds. Polyurethane resin is a resin with high elasticity, which guarantees the strength of the grip. The shapes, while reproducing the main natural grips, avoid the presence of too traumatic elements, points, sharp edges, seeking shapes that are as ergonomic and functional as possible to climbing.
All poles are colored directly during the extrusion process using EXTRA-COAT water-repellent dye with UV protection.
The article is built and designed according to the ISO 9001 quality system and according to the UNI EN ISO-14001 Environmental Management System certified and built according to EN 1176 (playground safety).
Products insured for damage to third parties / property or for malfunction / incorrect manufacture from the RC PRODUCTS policy.
Assembly by means of stainless steel bolts and self-locking nuts.
Ground anchoring by direct insertion of the ARMORED STRONGPLAST poles.
Parts powder coated by Eurocomitalia 5P standard cycle, minimum thickness 90 microns.
Recommended age: 1-4 years
Overall dimensions: mm 2600 x 3600 x 3000h
Impact area: 40 m2
Secured surface: 7000 x 6000 mm

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