VIVA Smart Intelligent Solar Powered Bench, IOT ready, seat and backrest in recycled plastic 2,1m, wireless charger, USB sockets, dimmable LED lighting

Cod. 311301

A smart city bench - VIVA SMART for charging smartphones and tablets and also.

General technical features:
  • N° 2 30/10 thick, trapezoidal printed metal side supports;
  • The seat and the back rest are made from 120 x 40 mm, milled STRONGPLAST (recycled plastic) boards, internally reinforced with 15 x 15 mm steel bars. The boards are bolted to the seat and back rest supports;
  • SMART charging module equipped with MPPT technology with photovoltaic panel and batteries embedded in the bench structure
Version features:
  • Equipped with USB sockets for charging devices up to 2A and wireless charger built into the structure;
  • Neutral white LED backlight system;
  • Local management and control system via WIFI connection or by dedicated CLOUD software with 12 month assistance (see assistance characteristics);
  • Standard sensors for temperature, humidity, charging, discharging devices, weather sensing system with automatic stand-by;
  • Self-management and consumption control system with error prediction and reports;
Installation and maintenance:
The trapezoidal legs of the bench are prepared for M10 steel bolt anchoring.
The surfaces are protected by a 5P cycle and powder coated. See specifications on the protection of materials.
Registered design, registered smart technology.

Place it in a sunny place and the auto powered solar panel bench will provide all the services (both USB and wireless charging and internet connection).
The new VIVA™ bench was created to modernize today’s cities with innovative technologies in the context of control and use of specific functionalities aimed at satisfying the modern needs of citizens.
Thanks to its innumerous technological functions, these new benches become not only a resting place but also a meeting point, where it is possible to conceive a new way of living the city.
We can recharge our smart devices thanks to the side USB sockets, connect to wifi,  get real-time information on traffic, smog, weather conditions, etc... communicating has never been so easy !
 Ample space for customization.
The transversal skills of our team, the knowledge of materials and processing technologies allow us to tackle any custom project.
Through the cloud connection, the VIVA software manages the network of stations remotely on any device at any time.
Control and verification of the system from a single location.
Easily and effeciently manage all your smart workstations in real time, even in multi-user mode.
Check your workstations network and verify monitoring information sent.
Battery charger monitoring, weather info, environmental info, device charge and discharge, prediction and error report.

The characteristics of the modules:
The magic happens thanks to the modules, the heart of the VIVA system ; they allow you to customize the product according to your needs.


Total Control:Access via WIFI interface for displaying real time NBSP data and control.
InfoSensor:Environmental information from sensors such as temperature and humidity, charge and discharge devices, energy production, instantaneous and time-consuming consumption, autocheck with error prediction and reports.
VivaDirect:Direct access to information and control via WIFI close to the station.
VivaPortal:Remote management and control portal in the cloud.
Photovoltaic modules:Monocrystalline 60W power.
Battery pack:Type AGM / Capacity:up to 0.72 kWh.
USB charging :2 ports 5W and 2,2W.
Wireless charging:Power 10W / Efficiency up to 80%. 
Cooling system:Air flow : 170 m3/h , temperature trigger:38°C.
LED Lighting:backlight panel and neutral white dimmable LED lighting.

art. 311380 Module for installation without anchoring.
art. 311381 CO2 pollution sensor.
art. 311382 Vandal-proof presence sensor.
art. 311383 GPS position sensor.
art. 311384 Dimmable RGBW LED light with selectable system scenarios.
art. 311385 Custom print on the smart module.
art. 311386 RAL color painting on request.


Art. Montata Montaggio Materiale Lunghezza Colore Alimentazione Accessori
Panchina VIVA Smart Bench con totem Urban Digital Signage in acciaio lunghezza 2 mt con alimentazione da fotovoltaico , ricarica USB , retroilluminazione LED
311302 Si Tassell. Acciaio, Alluminio e Strongplast 2,1 mt Nero Fotovoltaico e Rete Totem, USB , LED , IOT
Panchina Smart VIVA™ HYBRID PORTAL ad Energia Solare Ricarica Intelligente IOT ready con doghe in plastica riciclata lunghezza 2,1 mt ricarica dispositivi WIRELESS e USB, retroilluminazione LED, alimentazione da pannello fotovoltaico
311303 Si Tassell. Acciaio, Alluminio e Strongplast 2,1 mt Nero Fotovoltaico e Rete USB,LED,IOT
Modulo audio multimediale per panchina VIVA SMART
311305 Si Tassell. Acciaio, Alluminio e Strongplast 2,1 mt Nero Fotovoltaico e Rete USB, LED, IOT, AUDIO
Panchina Smart VIVA ad Energia Solare Ricarica Intelligente IOT ready, seduta e schienale in plastica riciclata 2,1 m ricarica dispositivi WIRELESS USB illuminazione LED e totem di ricarica
311306 Si Tassell. Acciaio e Strongplast 2,5 Nero Totem, USB , LED , IOT
Panchina Smart VIVA HOTSPOT ad Energia Solare ricarica Intelligente IOT ready, seduta in plastica riciclata 2,1 mt senza schienale ricarica dispositivi WIRELESS USB illuminazione LED , INTERNET HOTSPOT
311307 Si Tassell. Acciaio, Alluminio e Strongplast 2,1 mt Nero Fotovoltaico e Rete USB,LED,IOT

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Acciaio Strongplast
2,1 mt
Internet HOTSPOT
Altezza schienale
80 cm
Altezza seduta
45 cm

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