Technical information

  • Height
  • 83 cm
  • Colour
  • Nero e Grigio
  • Accessories
  • USB, LED
  • Material
  • Acciaio
  • Assembly
  • Tassellaggio nel terreno
  • Length
  • 2 mt
  • Alimentazione
  • Rete Elettrica
Art. 311013

Smart bench made in iron total width 2 meter wiring 220v , USB charge , LED lighting

Classical bench IOT ready type Shark Smart composed as follow :

N° 02 laterla support maked in iron laser cutting thickness 60/10 and plate withe hole for anchor 
The seat and the back rest are made from 25 rounded tube 20mm  diameter
Equipped with USB sockets for charging devices up to 2A and wireless charger built into the structure;

Surface Protection : 
see details on the protection of materials. Vedi specifiche sulla protezione dei materiali.

The new Shark Smart  bench was created to modernize today’s cities with innovative technologies in the context of control and use of specific functionalities aimed at satisfying the modern needs of citizens.
Thanks to its innumerous technological functions it becomes not only a resting place but also a meeting point, where it is possible to conceive a new way of living the city.
We can recharge our smart devices thanks to the side USB sockets, connect to wifi, get real-time information on traffic, 
smog, weather conditions, etc. .. communicating has never been so easy !


The magic happens thanks to the modules, the heart of the SHARK SAMRT system ; they allow you to show the contents where you want it.


Supply Voltage :  230V AC. or 120V AC ( optional ) 
USB charging : 2 ports Power 5W (1A) and 2,2W.
Internet technology : 4G LTE / Speed up to 150Mbps ( optional )  
Cooling system : Air cooling / Number of fans : 1. Air flow : 90 m3/h , temperature trigger : 38°C. 
Led light : backlight panel and led  dimmable light.
Ambient light Color : white, red , blue (optional). 


Art. Material Length Colour Height Alimentazione Accessories
 Panchina SHARK SMART in acciaio lunghezza 2mt alimentazione da rete elettrica, ricarica USB , retroilluminazione LED , sensori ambientali, suono e presenza con software cloud di gestione IOT ready
311014 Smart bench made in iron total width 2 meter wiring 220v , USB charge LED lighting IOT made with ambiental sensr cloud software
Acciaio 2 mt Nero e Grigio 83 cm Rete Elettrica USB, LED, IOT

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