Combined Castle in Stongplast- post consumption recycled plastic

Cod. 7007

Game called Combined Castle. Fun game that stimulates motor skills and promotes the socialization of children. Castle consisting of reinforced poles which gives the game a remarkable stability.
The outlines are made of Strongplast – Plasmix, a mixture of recycled plastic materials that makes the game 100% ecological and with a zero enviromental impact.
The game is the result of the combination of two castles joined by a bridge with a handrail and a swing with two seats.
The bridge and the top are protected by a lateral fence and above the slide there is a support for holding on with your hands and throwing yourself at the 1500 mm high PVC slide.
The staircase is located on the opposite side of the descent.
the roof has a classic ornamental canoppy.
The swing is fixed to the ground by burying the feet by about 500 mm. The seats are also available with backrest and chain or baby seats.
All parts are joined by stainless steel screws immersed in the structure. The game does not have protruding parts nor in plastic or in other materials.
It requires no maintenance, is anti-vandal, does not turn yellow, resists bad weather and is fireproof.
Recommended age: 7 – 12 years old
Recommended locations: public and private gardens, schools, parks and play areas.
Overall dimensions: 7000 x 5300 x 3500h mm.
Secured surface: 9000 x 7300 mm.
Falling Height: 1500 mm (slide); 1400 mm (swing).
Impact area: 66 sq m.
Packed demensions: mm 7000 x 5300 x 3500h.

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Eta consigliata
7-12 anni
Altezza di caduta
150 cm
Area di impatto
58 mq
Superficie messa in sicurezza
8000 x 8500 mm


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