Gazebo with decorative arches in STRONGPLAST


Gazebo with decorative arches and fireproof PVC roof, assembled by fixing the plastic profiles with stainless steel screws, supporting structure in reinforced metal poles.
The product shall be manufactured by STRONGPLAST or an equal approved manufacturer, pre-assembled and ready for use. See below pictures for details.
Product Salient Characteristics:
TYPE OF MATERIAL: composite plastic material, maintenance free named STRONGPLAST.
Splash-free -100% recyclable COMPONENTS: 60-70% polyolefin (polyethylene, polypropylene of various densities) 20-25% various plastic materials (PLET, PVC, etc.); 5% non-plastic materials (glass powders, cellulose, aluminum).
Resistance to hail, according to SIA-280, test NR 8: does not break. Impact resistance, according to UNIPLAST 393 standard: it does not break. Resistance to discoloration, after 2000 H with UV lamp: does not discolor. Thermal resistance: does not deform after a week in the stove at 90 C.
Dimensional stability: does not deform after repeated cycles from -20 C to + 20 C. Frost resistant - thermally and acoustically insulating Insensitive to fungi and insects Shock resistant and flexible Does not release substances into the environment Density: 0.958 Kg / dm3 Linear Expansion Coefficient 0.15-0.20 mm / m / ° C Water Absorption less than 0.1% Pull Out Value 7000 N (galvanized wood screw 100 × 5, 50 mm / min) Pull Out Value 3720 N (galvanized wood screw 200 × 5, 50 mm / min) Resistance to chemical agents (contact for 36h at a temperature of 21 ° C)
Melting index: MVI 230/2.16 DIN 53735 cm3/10 min 1.3
Yield stress DIN 53455 N / mm2 14.2
Breaking resistance DIN 53455 N / mm2 11.8
Elongation at breaking point DIN 53455 % 20.7
Modulus of Elasticity (retirement) DIN 53457 N / mm2 933
Modulus of elasticity (flexural) DIN 53457 N / mm2 811
Stability of the heating form DIN 53461 ° C 50.6
DIN 53461 ° C 68.7
Impact resistance -23 °C ISO 179/1ea 7.3 KJ/m2
0 ISO 179/1ea 4.9 KJ/m2
+30 °C ISO 179/1eA 3.7 KJ/m2
Rockwell hardness ASTM D 785 3.7

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