Urban Digital Signage Clock with 43'' display , iron ornament and radiosycnc mechanism for clock

Cod. 351051

Urban digital Smart clock operates with privately  owned VIS software, which remotely manages the network of workstations on any device at any time.
Thanks to this software you can upload local and via Internet videos, pictures and animation.
Ample space for client customization. 
The transversal skills of our team, materials and  processing know how, allow us to take on any custom
made project. Verify content programming from a single workstation.
Easily and effeciently manage all your smart work stations  in real time, even in multi-user mode.
Check your workstations network and verify monitoring information sent..
A single software, endless application scenarios.
Through cloud connection, the VIS software manages the network of workstations  remotely on any device at any time.
Environmental information control Easily and effeciently manage all your smart workstations in real time, even in multi-user mode.
Check your workstations network and verify monitoring information sent.
The magic happens thanks to the modules, the heart of the VIS system ; they allow you to show the contents where you want it.
Total Control :  Access via WIFI and CLOUD interface for displaying real time data and control.
Audio Feed RSS :  Audio content transmitted through the system (optional). 
InfoSensor :  Information from sensors such as temperature, humidity. Motion, air quality and web cam view (optional). 
Alarm :  Realtime alarms in the presence of vandalism and or tampering.
Geoloc :  Geolocation of the product (optional). 
VisPortal :  Customized user information portal connected via WIFI (portal version). 
VisConnect :  Internet access via secure data recording with captive portal system (portal version). 
Display :  700 NITS or greater. 
Web Services/Api :  Allows dynamic interfacing with SOAP or REST services (customizable options). 
Smart Slider : load your video and files local or 
remote on VIS portal.
Webcast : diffuse your broadcast signal on 
VIS portal (customizable options). 
Meteo : diffuse you forecast on VIS portal. 
Feed RSS : news on VIS portal (customizable  options).
USB : pole with USB charge (optional). 
Pixel LED : clock made with pixel LED monitor (optional). 
Ledlight : clock backlight (optional). 
Radio clock : clock synchronized to a time code transmitted by a radio (optional). 

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Software VIS
Dimensione schermo
43 pollici
Materiale struttura
Acciaio ghisa e alluminio
Protezione schermo
Vetro temprato anti riflesso
Luminosita schermo
fino a 700 nits
Protezione elettrica
Si con scaricatore 6kv
Cloud control

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