Technical information

  • Material
  • Alluminio
  • Assembly
  • Portato
  • Optics
  • AR
  • Watts
  • 150
  • Tipo di lampada
  • SAP
  • Montaggio lampada
  • Verticale
  • Schermi PMMA
  • SI
  • Attacco lampada
  • E40
  • Grado di protezione
  • IP54
Art. 602.150

Die cast alluminium Lighting Fixture COD 602

- In compliance with 
CEI/EN 60598-1:2008 Lighting source
CEI/EN 60598-2-3 Street lighting source
EN 62471 phobiological risck EXENT GROUP RG0.
EN 62031 Led modul.
2004/108/CE Electromagnetic compatibilities fo lighting luminaire UNI 10819 lighting pollution EXENT

Dimensions - Area - Weight
Height Width Lenght Diametre Area exposed to wind (S)
Weight 745 mm 450 mm 450 mm 0.15 m2 7.3 Kg

Electrical characteristics
Voltage Frequency P. Rating IP CL II CL I Cos ϕ Operative Temp.
220- 240V 50-60 Hz 55 CL II > 0.9 -30°C...+40°C
Equiped with n. 12 Osram chip - 21,4w , 2057 lumen ,lifetime 70000h 4K , asimmetric optic

- Flange with a hole diam. 28 mm, on bottom frame for fixing to support.
- Suitable for head post or bracket.

- Die-cast and extruded aluminun (UNI EN 1706).
- Sheet aluminun.
- Stainless steel fasteners.

Structure - Main components
- Tilting upper square frame made in die-cast aluminum, for access to the auxiliary and optical compartment.
- Bottom frame made in die-cast aluminum with four-armed bracket with flange and a hole (diam. 28 mm) for attachment to the support.
Electric cable (diam. max 14 mm) fixed to a upright ( not included ) .
- Support plate LED module in aluminum sheet with high thickness for an optimal heat dissipation.

-  Refractive lens / PC screen - Geometry road and mixed areas.
-  Refractive lens / PC screen -Rotosymmetrical for mixed areas.
Electrical auxiliaries
- Electronic power supply for LED module.
- Terminals for wires with a max. section of 2,5 mm2

Operations and maintenance
- To access the optical and wiring compartment, unscrew a screw on upper frame and rotate it.
- Separate electronic driver from LED module, individually replaceable.
- Periodic maintenance for the external cleaning of the structure and the screens from dust and smog (the operations must be performed with the line power off and with luminaire cold).
- Standard color is dark gray, type EUROCOMITALIA.
- Information about paint steps used on this product in specific technical sheet.

Art. Materiale
Lanterna quadrata classica grande in pressofusione di alluminio cablata SAP 100W ottica rotosimmetrica
Lanterna in pressofusione di alluminio IP66 anti inquinamento luminoso per lampade a scarica
Lanterna quadrata classica grande in pressofusione di alluminio con attacco E40 per lampada in verticale

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