UNI EN 1561 GJL250 cast iron pole with large octagonal base.

Cod. 132

Artistic UNI EN 1561 GJL250 cast iron pole with octagonal base and cicular cross-section body components, height 4013 mm,
Painted black anthracite or any other color RAL apon request ( see special coating ); sizes, shapes and moldings according to project specifications.
Equipped with pole top termianl COD TP1 fixed to internal steel tube by bolts and ready for the fitting of a lantern on a threaded 3 / 4 GAS tube also used to fix the UNI EN 1561 GJL250 cast iron components.
Equipped with M10 screws for grounding and a 55 mm diameter hole for the passage of electric cable inside.
The pole also has a slot for housing the terminal block and a UNI EN 1561 GJL250 cast iron closing door.
The elements that make up the pole are all in cast iron. 
Surface Protection: See details on the protection of materials. .
Items included: UNI 5745 galvanized internal FE 510 UNI 7810 steel core.
Assemblage: See installation specifications.

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