COMBI BABY Castle in Strongplast - post-consumer recycled plastic

Cod. 7028

All load-bearing structures are made of reinforced STRONGPLAST poles entirely made through the use of a mixture of recycled plastics deriving from the transfer of waste without adding any virgin or recyclable polymer from industrial waste, the pole is extruded by hot injection process, at its internal steel reinforcement made of galvanized tubular 30x30 mm and thickness up to 4 mm is inserted, it is not necessary to apply any subsequent surface reinforcement.
On the side where the slide is located, it was necessary to use a special parapet built with N ° 2 square section poles of size 80x80 mm and height 700 mm. The structure thus obtained is completed by 4 strongplast cubes with dimensions 80x80x100h mm, with the function of spacers, applied on the external sides of the structure poles, giving a total size of 840 mm.On the side of the climbing ascent, fixed at the bottom on the floor and at the top on the stiffening upright, we find the TRIS SENSORY AND LOGIC GAME, consisting of rollers of dimensions 200x120 mm in mass-colored rotational molding polyethylene. The rollers are superimposed three by three through central M10 threaded bars, which also allow rotation. On the rollers there is a serigraphy representing symbols "X" and "O".
All the elements are fixed to each other through the use of stainless steel screws directly immersed in the material.
Dimensions 3700x2600x1700h
Impact area 26 m2
5800x4600 safety surface
Recommended locations Public and private gardens, school, play areas
Recommended age 0-4 years

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Altezza di caduta
84 cm
Area di impatto
35 mq
Eta consigliata
0 - 4 anni
Scivolo e Tris in Polietilene
Superficie di sicurezza
700 x 550 cm


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