Clatter bridge in Strongplast Post-consumer recycled plastic

Cod. 7019

Made entirely of strongplast and measuring 2400x760 mm, the bridge bridge rests on a structure consisting of 8 reinforced poles in square section 80x80 mm strongplast with a height of 1030 mm. Divided into N ° 4 elements per side arranged in a mirror, they form two pairs of poles at the beginning and two pairs at the end of the bridge, held together by spacers of 300 mm always in reinforced strongplast with a square section 80x80 mm, so as to strengthen them further the structure. 
All the chains present in this game have a diameter of 6 mm, are tight-knit, high-strength, in hot-dip galvanized steel and anti-crush vibrato.
All the eyebolts present are in stainless steel and are inserted in the strongplast element, so that they cannot be removed with vandalism.
All the bolts used to assemble the load-bearing poles to the load-bearing beam are protected by dedicated, mass-colored nut covers made of polyethylene.
All poles are colored directly during the extrusion process using EXTRA-COAT water-repellent dye with UV protection.
The article is built and designed according to the ISO 9001 quality system and according to the UNI EN ISO-14001 Environmental Management System certified and built according to EN 1176 (safety of playgrounds).
Products insured for damage to third parties / property or for malfunction / incorrect manufacture from the RC PRODUCTS policy.
Assembly by means of stainless steel bolts and self-locking nuts.
Ground anchoring by direct insertion of the ARMORED STRONGPLAST poles.
Recommended age: 4 - 7 years
Overall dimensions: 2400 x 700 x 1000h mm
Falling height: 0.3 m
Secured surface: 4500 x 2500 mm


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Area di impatto
18 mq
Altezza di caduta
28 cm
Eta consigliata
4-7 anni
Superficie messa in sicurezza
500 x 350 cm
230 x 80 x110h cm


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