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Technical information


Art. 601

Antique model lighting fixture in aluminum LED Enabled

Artistic aluminium LED Luminaire model ANTIQUE UP TO 130W 12.340 lumen .
In compliance with EN 60598-1; EN 60598-2-3; EN 62031;
EN 55015 EMC; EN 61547 EMC; EN 62471 
Upper and Bottom frame made in aluminum with threaded coupling G 3/4" for fixing.
Gasket between the upper and bottom frames.
Electrical characteristics , Voltage Frequency P. Rating IP CL II CL I Operative Temp. 
120-277V 50-60 Hz 66 > 0.9 -30°C...+40°C
Suitable for suspended installation with a tilting frame to access optical and gear compartment.
Electrical components on a removable plate.
Automatic disconnector when opening. 
Source: LED Performance
Programmable electronic power supply for LED module.
LED module UP TO 130W 1.2340 lumen 3000 or 4000K . 
Terminals for wires with a max. section of 2,5 mm2
Separate electronic driver from LED module, individually replaceable.

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