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Eurocom Italia srl

We are among the leading manufacturers of urban street furniture; lamp posts and light fixtures for public lighting.
Thanks to twenty years of experience and our own cast iron foundries, we are able to produce any type of aluminum or cast iron element.
Antique craftsmanship together with modern technology, merge to create excellently manufactured products: urban street furniture and artistic light posts, roundabout/traffic rotary or circle poles, bus shelters and many other decorative components for city living.
We are a reference point for companies, government organizations and private businesses, providing our clients with all the modern projecting technology necessary.
We also manufacture furnishings for villas, gardens and carry out custom-made steel and stainless steel projects.
An assortment of STRONGPLAST (heterogeneous plastmix plastic) playground equipment and different furnishings, complete our vast array of outdoor products.
Government organizations, authorities, and  businesses of all kinds, do not hesitate to contact us for further information or project planning advice.