Playground design

Creating a functional and well-made playground is not just a matter of supplying and installing play equipment.
A good design of playgrounds takes into consideration all the environmental factors present, such as the type of terrain, available spaces, access to the park, furnishing objects
urban and any dangers present.

The design of playgrounds should always precede the purchase of play equipment and street furniture, to avoid surprises in the future.

Eurocomitalia has been designing and manufacturing high quality equipment in recycled plastic for over twenty years

The design of each Eurocomitalia equipment starts from the concept that the game must express positive feelings, stimulating the child's imagination and creativity.

The elements that characterize the equipment are aimed at specific activities such as climbing, hiding, swinging, sliding and all that the child can experience in absolute safety.

The characteristics of Sarba play equipment are:
the color, the accurate aesthetic research, the high playability and the proven resistance for the intended use.
Our technicians will be happy to accompany you on a creative journey to try to make the most of your playground.
We can offer you multiple possibilities of aggregation by offering you standard solutions, creative projects or themed solutions, making the most of the characteristics of your space.


We pay great attention to the environment by encouraging our continuous research in the field of technology and ecology, aiming markedly at the use of "ecologically correct" materials; each material used is, in fact, tested and certified according to the current regulations on pollution.

The recent collaboration implemented by our company with qualified partners specialized in motor activities for disabilities has given life to our innovative inclusive products.

We have accepted and fully integrated into our products the new European directives recently issued on the basis of which Italian Municipalities and Regions are implementing integration plans for accessible play facilities.

EurocomItalia supports  Municipalities in the implementation of directives through its design experience and through its innovative products for disabilities. Benches, sensory paths, specific games for disabilities and inclusive all strictly in STRONGPLAST (recycled plastic) and therefore also 100% ecological.


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