Smart City products

What do we do
We create smart furniture for digital cities.

Each urban object has a digital potential, our goal is to give interactivity to these objects.

Twenty years of experience in the field of urban furniture has allowed us to develop high quality products and design to which today we add technology and innovation.

The Urban Interaction sector works to produce smart furniture such as:


Smart URBAN FURNTURE (bench, litter bins, lighting, etc.)

City control system

VIS software platfoorm for smart city

Ample space for customer customization.

The transversal skills of our team, the knowledge of materials and processing technologies allow us to tackle any custom project.

Through the cloud connection, the VIS software manages the network of stations remotely on any device at any time.
Control content scheduling from one place.

Manage all your workstations in real time in a simple and efficient way even in multiple users.
Check your network of locations and verify the tracking information sent.

The characteristics of the modules and contents

The magic happens thanks to the modules, the beating heart of the VIS system, the modules allow you to show the
content you want where you want it.

Smart Slider : upload both local and internet videos, images and animations

Push Content : Send on-demand editorial content to monitors in realtime.

Ext view : displays statistical data read by third-party systems on the monitor.

Weather : displays the weather forecast on the monitor.

RSS Feed : View the latest news from your favorite feed on the monitor.

Web Services / Api : allows you to dynamically interface with SOAP or REST services and view the data / content on the displays.

Webcast : Switch your digital signage system into a powerful medium for broadcasting realtime webcasts.

Ability to create the perfect form for the user's needs.

We provide a team of experts who can create the right integration with the system and the different needs


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