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Thanks to Eurocomitalia’s foundries, we manufacture a vast assortment of decorative and complementary elements for public lighting.
Years of experience in this field allow us to produce a variety of cast iron and aluminum components for stylish lighting posts.
Our products are manufactured with expertise craftsmanship, varnished according to the highest quality standards achieving an excellent finished product. Thanks to the attention given to detail, our experience and dedication over the years, we boast products that can still be defined hand-crafted works of art !
Once again, thanks to Eurocomitalia’s own foundries we can reproduce any aluminum or cast iron element required as per specific technical drawing or original piece. In this context, Eurocomitalia is involved in restoration projects and or the continuation of already existing works.
We offer architects, designer firms and government associations technical assistance, such as photometric studies and technical data sheets, sharing our know how and expertise.
All elements are treated with long lasting finishing, such as epoxy paint or galvanized, to ensure maximum durability.
Our knowledge in producing tapered poles, together with continuous research in the lighting industry, enables us to create and build so-called cast iron/steel poles in both classical and modern forms.
We also produce roundabout/traffic rotary or circle poles and standard traffic poles.
We keep up to date regarding lighting innovations in order to offer our customers the latest and best of products such as LED illumination.
Over the years we have developed a particular concern for the environment that surrounds us and what impact our products may have on it; today our production activities are oriented to achieve "eco- friendly" products.
It is in this context that we present our “Strongplast” assortment, the right mix between technology and ecology, designed in the respect for nature and for those who will be using them, according to the latest structural and ecological safety standards. 
All of our products are recyclable and are designed, engineered and manufactured directly in our factory making them 100% “made in Italy” !
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