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Thanks to Eurocomitalia’s cast iron foundries, we manufacture a vast assortment of decorative and complementary elements for urban street furniture.
Years of experience in this field allow us to produce a variety of cast iron and aluminum artifacts for urban street furniture.
Our assortment includes flower pots, litter boxes, bollards, bicycle racks and much more.
Thanks to twenty years of experience, we are able to manufacture whatever component classical or modern in style needed in the furnishing of cities and towns.

Furthermore, our assortment of products has been integrated and enriched with the use of innovative materials such as stainless steel and ecological ones like STRONGPLAST.
Our products are manufactured with expertise craftsmanship, varnished according to the highest quality standards achieving an excellent finished product. Thanks to the attention given to detail, our experience and dedication over the years, we boast products that can still be defined hand-crafted works of art !

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